Hello World! Okay so I'm a programmer, that's obvious right? :)

For a while now users of my Python Project circuits have suggested that I start writing a blog about circuits. Over the years I have resisted the urge to do so due to time constraints and well lack of suitable Blogging software (//or service//).

Today this changes with the realization of Pelican. This wonderfully simple little tool allows me to create blog entries in almost the way I'd like: - Using my favorite text editor: vim - Maintaining my blog entries with my favorite DVCS: mercurial - Command line based. - Written in Python. - Pluggable - Themeable

Well Pelican fits all these quite well I think. The only thing I'd like to do (//time permitting//), is build a creole wiki support into Pelican.

Over the next coming weeks and months I will start to put out blog posts about circuits and Python.

Thanks for visiting! Comments?